What Job Opportunities Does CompTIA Security+ Bring You?

There’s not a whole hell of a lot of people who go take an expensive test without a good reason; one of these reasons is to move up in a company or to get a new job. The CompTIA Security Plus exam marks you as a distinguished IT security professional who can manage an organization’s IT needs from top to bottom.


The pay for a certified professional will jump from the 40k range up to the 100k range after being certified. When you’re studying to pass the CompTIA Security Plus exam, make sure you approach it like an investment. If your company asks you to take the test, check to see if they will cover the costs or are a corporate member; both of these can score you some deep discounts and help you build stepping stones to a better position.


The test is hard for a good reason: not everyone can pass it without a problem. When you do pass it, you show employers (both current and prospective) that you know what you’re doing. Distinguish yourself from the others and show that you have what it takes to get the job done right.

Get a Better Job

This is an obvious, but did you know that most of the top Fortune 500 companies and governments require CompTIA Security Plus Certifications as a condition of hiring? Be prepared for the future and work for great companies like these:



Lockheed Martin


United States Government and Armed Forces






With two years of security experience, a Security+ and a Network+ certification, you can get a better job. You owe it to yourself to be upwardly mobile, especially in this market. If you want to rise above the small business mindset, you have to make yourself competitive.

Companies like these offer total health benefits, company perks (Microsoft’s company store is phenomenal) and a way to do the things that you love in an environment that’s tolerable.


Understand that having a certification of any kind alone is no substitute for experience. Combine it with some time on the job though, and you’ll be able to really start moving up in IT. So remember: most of the top tech companies require CompTIA Security Plus and treat the test as an investment.

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